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Regarding the Role of the Particles

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Seeing the headline, one will suspect a criticism of quantum mechanics. That is not intended. If the text looks like such criticism, then it is a consequence from all insights and results.
These investigations should rather be a way to get around consequences from the assumption of matter sources in continuum physics. The alternative proposal consists in the renunciation of sources and in the acknowledgment of integration constants as sole "origin" of non-zero fields. Mathematics gives good reasons for this proposal with the Bianchi identities. Experimental evidence is given with numbers of particles which are to see from numerical simulations according to the Einstein-Maxwell equations. First imperfect tries show these numbers still with wider tolerances than usual in the standard model. However, these numbers are mutually conditional. The fact that one can see such numbers at all should demonstrate that this way could be promising.

An Introduction, with References (old)
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An Intelligible Introduction (PDF), Regarding Geometry
English German

What is Geometric Theory of Fields ?
Very intelligible introduction via Special and General Theory of Relativity, that become parts of the new theory.
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NEW: Theses on the Geometric Theory of Fields, like a presentation
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What the Geometric Theory of Fields is Good for
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Why integration constants instead of sources ?
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Report on Numerical Simulations (very old)
with source codes
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Theoretical Background: A Geometric Theory of Fields (German, as textbook, to be revised)
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Brief outline of the results (old),
as list (also in German), as ASCII diagrams, with the reference values.

NEW: Robust Results from Numerical Simulations, three-dimensionally visualized.
Nobody more can call them ``Wunschdenken'' (wishful thinking).
robust.tar.gz (1.3 MB for download, to open under all familiar OS)
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Examples (finished pictures)

Try the Simulations Yourself

*) Please take notice of a mathematical derivation regarding the geometrical interpretation of electromagnetism, from a news article.
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The same as regular article
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Focussed to the curve parameters
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*) A derivation of Planck's constant in terms of classical fields
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The geometric theory of fields involves also a well supported global solution (possibly known but refused to believe).
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*) NEW: The key article on the Geometric theory of fields.
``Justifying'' the decisive step.
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*) These articles are precursors of publications in Progress in Physics, 2009, vol. 2 and 4.

Patent Registration (German)
Scans of the Official Document
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Original writing (PDF)
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What were a theory without a reasonable alternative ?
Look at Manfred Geilhaupt's `Knobelecke'. Take notice of Quantum Thermodynamics, with interesting predictions. This is founded on a contrary philosophy. Quantum thermodynamics could meet the geometric theory when more exact numerical simulations reveal the solutions, taken as stationary, as changing in time.

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